Latest Postgraduate Exchanges

Award: Fulbright-British Friends of Harvard Business School MBA
Award Host Institution: Harvard University
Home Institution: Imperial College London
Level of Study: Master's Degree
Discipline: Business Administration

Kieron Stopforth seeks to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy. In his work at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, he advised clients on strategy in a changing energy sector. He led an analysis project for UN Sustainable Energy for All that set direction in the initiative’s early stages. He wrote a roadmap for energy in Rwanda led to tens of thousands of people gaining access to electricity. More recently, he worked on strategy in DeepMind's energy team, which is using artificial intelligence to solve problems in the energy sector. Through these experiences, he built a deep understanding of the energy sector and of the critical role that technology will play. Kieron will build on this through the Fulbright Award, exploring how to get new energy technology to full commercial deployment and developing the skills to lead a business. He seeks to learn from US energy companies and understand how US energy systems are responding to transition. After the degree, Kieron hopes to apply this in an energy technology company, drive new technology to scale and accelerate the energy transition. Outside of his studies, Kieron is looking forward to participating in student clubs, travelling around the US, exploring the local music scene and playing tennis. Kieron holds an MSc in sustainable energy engineering & policy and BSc Physics from Imperial College.