Tax Effective Giving
For Dual Registered (Uk And Us) Tax Payers
The British Friends is registered with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Donor’s Fund Eligibility Committee to receive grants.

For dual US-UK tax payers giving through the CAF American Donor Fund allows donors to get a tax deduction in both the US and UK and ensures that

  • use of Gift Aid, where appropriate, increases the value of your donation to the British Friends by up to 25%;
  • donors can claim the difference between basic and higher rate tax through their UK tax return;
  • donors can claim tax deductibility on their donation in the US.
  Donor gives through CAF Net benefit to charity Tax gain to charity UK Tax benefit to donor US Tax Relief* Tax gain Net cost to US citizen
40% tax payer with tax relief £1,000 £1,250 £250 £250 £396 £896 £354*
45% taxpayer with tax relief £1,000 £1,250 £250 £312 £396 £562 £292*

*US gives relief at a maximum of 39.6% for charitable contributions provided they do not exceed 50% of adjusted gross income.

Charities Aid Foundation

Donors can give through the CAF American Donor Fund if they pay tax in both the UK and US and if earnings exceed the worldwide foreign-earned income threshold.

For more information and gift forms go to the CAF website.


Major Donations
(£10,000 or Over)

T Abuzayyad - MBA 96
P A B Beecroft - MBA 76
K Bingham - MBA 91
D Chandris - MBA 13
T Chawner - MBA 73
Sir Ronald Cohen - MBA 69
V Colao - MBA 90
J Curry – MBA 66
D M M Dutton - MBA 69
P Hansen - MBA 79
M Halusa - MBA 79
C Huot - MBA 11
E Kim & T Nhuoc Lan Tu - MBA 93
M Moghadam - MBA 97
Anthony Morgan - MBA 01
Allan Morgan - MBA 78
C Ogden - MBA 06
E Ogden - MBA 73
CNC Sherwood – MBA 85
A&C Strain - MBA 00/99
E Voli - MBA 90
P Wiggs - MBA 92
Estate of B Schroder - MBA 60