Legacy Giving
All donations to the British Friends will be counted towards section and class giving reunion fundraising at Harvard Business School.

For UK tax payers, after 1 April 2012 the rate of inheritance tax on an estate reduces to 36% where at least  10% of the taxable part of the estate (ie after deducting the nil band rate and any gifts that quality for exemption from IHT — other than the charitable donations themselves) is left to charities.

Gifts to charities are already exempt from inheritance tax. The reduction in the rate of tax on the remainder of the estate makes the cost of gifts to charity cheaper.

Please contact us if you are thinking about this form of giving.

Major Donations
(£10,000 or Over)

T Abuzayyad - MBA 96
D M M Dutton - MBA 69
P A B Beecroft - MBA 76
K Bingham - MBA 91
D Chandris - MBA 13
T Chawner - MBA 73
Sir Ronald Cohen - MBA 69
P Hansen - MBA 79
M Halusa - MBA 79
E Kim & T Nhuoc Lan Tu - MBA 93
M Moghadam - MBA 97
Anthony Morgan - MBA 01
Allan Morgan - MBA 78
C Ogden - MBA 06
E Ogden - MBA 73
V Colao - MBA 90
P Wiggs - MBA 92
Estate of B Schroder - MBA 60