UK Tax Payers
All donations to the British Friends will be counted towards section and class giving reunion fundraising at Harvard Business School.

To make a donation send your cheque made out to 'British Friends of Harvard Business School' and fill out the gift aid form PDF (if a UK tax payer). If you wish to set up a regular payment, contact us.

Major Donations
(£10,000 or Over)

G Alliberti (MBA 88)
P A B Beecroft (MBA 76)
K Bingham (MBA 91)
Sir Ronald Cohen (MBA 69)
V Colao (MBA 90)
J Donnelly (MBA 92)
D D M Dutton (MBA 69)
M Halusa (MBA 79)
S Harper (MBA 84)
J Hepburn (MBA 74)
Sir Michael & Lady Hintze (MBA 82)
Sir Christopher Hogg (MBA 62)
Charles Ind (MBA 82)
Y Paternot (MBA 71)
B Saven (MBA 76)
B Schroder (MBA 60)
Sir Martin Sorrell (MBA 68)
I Stoyanov (MBA 04)
Colin Taylor (MBA 90)
Sir Cyril Taylor, GBE (MBA 61)
E Voli (MBA 90)