Information for Scholarship Applicants
Applications are warmly welcomed from both public and private sector backgrounds.
  • Harvard Business School is the best business school in the world! The British Friends offers awards up to $125,000, depending on financial need, towards tuition & living costs at HBS, when supplementing a Harvard Business School financial package.  Individual financial resources will be considered in detail only as part of the final shortlisting process.   

    A key goal of the charity is to encourage and support a diverse pool of students from across the UK to attend Harvard Business School.  

    Candidates for joint degrees with the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Law School, Harvard Medical School and any other joint MBA degree program may also be considered for British Friends scholarships. For more information on all joint Harvard Business School degrees click, Joint Degrees.

  • The British Friends of Harvard Business School awards scholarships on the basis of financial need.

    Candidates need to hold a firm offer from HBS before applying.

    Please email us at to request details of the process and timeline.


  • Further scholarship details and application forms can be obtained from us by emailing