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Award: Fulbright-British Friends of Harvard Business School MBA
Award Host Institution: Harvard University
Home Institution: University of Oxford
Level of Study: Master's Degree
Discipline: Business Administration

I am an Egyptologist by background, strategy consultant by profession, keen rugby player and passionate advocate of gender equality. Upon graduating from Oxford, I took a less conventional path than my peers and pursued a career in strategy consulting at Strategy&. While based in London, I have been incredibly fortunate to work on international projects across various industries in Europe, the US and the Middle East. I am thrilled that I will have the opportunity to unpack my suitcase for long enough to call Boston home for a time.

Since becoming Manager, I have specialized in the transportation industry. A highlight was writing an award-winning study on the social impact of connected and autonomous vehicles in the UK in collaboration with the nation’s largest automotive trade association. This sparked my curiosity in the future of mobility, an interest that my pre-MBA internship at the Innovation Directorate at Transport for London has only further fuelled. I hope to become a successful leader and female role model, applying the business knowledge and capabilities from my MBA to help shape the strategic direction of this industry. In doing so, I also intend to use my seniority to advance gender parity in the workplace and implement policies that support equality.